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Astrology Workshops & Events


This is the page to stay up to date with my workshops and educational offerings.

Come along and immerse yourself in the wisdom of the celestial spheres. 

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Current Astrology Workshops & Classes from Invoking Venus 

Make sure to sign up to the mailing list here, and follow me on social media to receive notifications for when a new course is announced. 


3 Part Astrology Course for Beginners

Positively Magickal, 3 High Street Passage, Ely, CB7 4NB 10:30am - 4:30pm

Join me at Positively Magickal for this three part beginners crash course in astrology,

Astrology is a vast and complex topic that practitioners spend many years learning to a highly skilled level. This crash course is designed to cram in all the basics you need in order to get going with basic chart interpretation and to act as a spring board to further learning. 

Class 1: Friday April 14th: The Chart Wheel, Planets & Signs Element & Modality

Class 2 Friday April 28th: Rulership, Aspects, Reception/Essential Dignity, Sect

Class 3 Friday May 19th: Aspects between Planets. Forecasting Techniques: Transits & Profections.


Each class is £70

Book all three classes for £190

An introduction to Horary Astrology - Full Day Workshop

Positively Magickal, 3 High Street Passage, Ely, CB7 4NB 

Friday 9th June 2023, 10:30pm - 4pm


The practice of Horary, a magical ancient divinatory branch of astrology was common place in renaissance England, now seeing a revival since the 1980's. From lost pets and jewellery, to questions on love, finance, and career, Horary Astrology offers symbolic pointers, illuminating the more specific and burning questions that can consume our daily lives.

We will become astro detectives for the day and try and solve the mystery charts provided. 

Horary astrology does not require a birth time as we will be using the time of the question to cast our charts. 

This is great news for anyone unable to find out their birthtime!

Spaces are limited. To reserve your place please book by emailing heather at

Please note that the classes are located upstairs above the shop, with access to a downstairs bathroom.

All materials are included, please bring notebooks and pens. Tea and Coffee making facilities are available. Feel free to bring your own lunch, or grab something from the bakery opposite or any number of food outlets nearby.


To book or for more information please contact Heather at or book in person with Jo at Positively Magickal, 3 High Street Passage, Ely CB7 4NB

All workshop attendees are granted access to a private Facebook group with further learning, converastion and live-streamed Q&As

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