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Astrology Workshops & Events

I am so passionate about astrology and its power to transform lives both spiritually and practically that I am always looking for ways beyond my client practice to inspire and support a wider group of people on their path to self discovery and empowered living. 

In 2023 I am truly thrilled to start that process by hosting in-person workshops and being part of some exciting community well being events.

This is the page to stay up to date with my educational offerings. Come along and immerse yourself in the wisdom of the celestial spheres. 

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Astrology Workshops @ Positively Magickal in Ely, Cambridgeshire

Jo & Andy at Positively Magickal in Ely are incredibly welcoming proprietors of a cosy magickal shop, perfectly situated in an old crooked beamed building down the obligatory witchy alley, away from the mainstream bustle of Ely High Street.

Positively Magickal hosts a variety of workshops and events in their upstairs room and have kindly given me the opportunity to design fun, informative high quality astrology workshops and you're invited! Each workshop is designed with the utmost care to ensure beginners and more advanced attendees get the most out of the sessions, gaining invaluable personal insight and practical tips on how to best work with their own charts as well as learning the broader foundations of astrology and how to navigate a birth chart.

My sister venture The Cosmic Cauldron is an Astrological Apothecary where I ritually craft planetary & talismanic self-care products under auspicious alignments using the techniques of medieval and renaissance astrological magic. Some of the workshops therefore are designed to coincide with a few auspicious alignments where we can ritually craft our talismans together and learn all about astrological magic. 

Current Astrology Workshops from Invoking Venus @PositivelyMagickal

February 18th 2023 

10:30 - 4:30pm - All Day Workshop £80 (All materials included)

Astrological Magic including Talisman Crafting

We welcome you to a Venusian Celebration of Astrological Magic where we will be making authentic Venus in Pisces Talismans!

The morning session will include an introduction to medieval, renaissance and contemporary astrological magic before we take a deep dive into the significations of Venus and how she expresses in the sign of her exaltation - Pisces. 

Before we begin our ritual crafting during a specific window of time pre-selected for meeting the criteria for a Venus in Pisces talisman, we will learn about our own Venus placements in our own charts and make conscious our own expressions of the Gooders of Love, Beauty and Creativity.  There will be a selection of Venus correspondences for you to chose from for your talisman and you do not require any particular craftsmanship skills as they will be kept simple for the sake of the narrow window of time available. 

If you would like to connect to the energies of Venus more overtly, do dress in Venusian pretty, ornate, flowing feminine clothes, or anything you consider dressed up and glamorous, pretty or party appropriate. Feel free to wear your finest jewellery and make up in honour of the Goddess of Adornment and Beautification. If that is not your thing absolutely fine, where what ever makes you feel good and at ease is more important. The colours of Venus are green or white, and so they make good colours to wear. Again, preferable but not essential. 

To book or for more information please email Heather at

February 26th 2023

10:30 - 4:30pm All Day Class £80

Discover your Big Three in Astrology - Sun Moon & Rising Class

This is a fantastic entry point for the beginner who wishes to go beyond their zodiac sign and dabble their toe into 'real' astrology. We will explore just how important the Moon and Rising sign are in shaping your unique self. We will explore the multiple layers of symbolism the Sun Moon and Rising hold and how strongly they express in your everyday life experience. You will learn the foundations of chart orientation, the houses, and how the position and sign of your big three make you unique. 

To book or for more information please email Heather at

More dates to be added soon, in the mean time do visit Positively Magical Facebook page for a list of all other events

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