Horary Astrology @ Invoking Venus

Horary is the ancient astrological branch of answering a pressing question.

Upon receiving the question, the astrologer may need to clarify with the querent (the person asking the question) that they fully understand the question and upon that moment, cast a chart of the current heavens.

The chart then acts as a window into the situation of the querent. Planets become significators for the people, objects and projects involved. The way they are placed and interacting with each other show us the past, present and future scenarios, often with incredible insight into the broader situation. 

We always hope for a positive chart, but unfortunately this is not always the case. Therefore it is necessary when asking a horary question, to be prepared for the possibility of negative outcome within the chart.

Horary has the ability to tell it how it is and therefore when we are certain we have a conclusive chart, we do not cast more charts on the same subject until something in the outer personal circumstances has changed significantly, or for a 3 or 6 month window depending on the nature of the question. 

Let's take an example.

In a relationship question 'Do Caroline and I have a romantic future together?' 

If the initial chart gives a clear no and suggests that unfortunately Caroline has no interest in the querent, then we take the view that this is the situation for the foreseeable future and we do not enter into casting subsequent charts to try and gain a more pleasing answer as the results will remain consistent with the first. 

Whilst Horary is able to answer all manner of well formed sincere questions, for ethical and personal reasons we decline to answer matters of health and death and always urge you to seek professional medical advice with your GP. If you have minor ailments and are in regular consultation with a registered medical professional and still feel you would like a chart looking at, we may be able to refer you to an astrologer whom is an expert in medical astrology and herbal medicine.

As always, any information shared with us here at Invoking Venus remain strictly private and confidential.