Astrology Consultations

Audio/Video recordings available for all Zoom based consultations following our meeting.

Basic written reports are included in the price of a Horary and Forecasting Reports.

Prices shown reflect the time in preparing and analysing your charts ahead of our meeting and writing up any follow up report. 

Please aware that an accurate birth time is required for all consultations apart from a Horary Consultation which uses the chart for the time and place that I receive and understand the question. Please read the notes on Horary at the bottom of this page as the general process is a little different to other consultations. 

To Book

Please email or call on 07980351699 to book your consultation or make your enquiry. Once a session is scheduled I will request payment by bank transfer or PayPal and begin preparing your chart once payment has been received.


***Christmas 2021/2022 Gift Voucher Special Offer***

From Dec 2021 until Feb 12th 2022 I am offering new clients a 1 hour consultation or tutoring gift voucher with me for just £65. If you wish to gift yourself this offer then you are welcome to do so! 

Forecasting Consultation

I look at the 6 or 12 months ahead and break down the cycles, transits, progressions and themes highlighted in your chart. This will help you gain perspective on the the areas of current and upcoming focus in your life and allow you to make the best use of your time, pointing you to where there is the most opportunity for growth, and in which areas you will need to pay special attention to. This can be done at any time, although a popular option is to book just ahead of your birthday where a shift occurs due to you moving into a new profection year, and into a new Solar Return. 

Six Months Ahead - £70  •  Twelve Months Ahead - £100


Natal Consultation

Natal consultations are guided by you in terms of what you would like to focus on and gain insight into.

Knowing some of the key areas that you wish to hone in on will ensure you take away the most value from our session together. Please let me know when booking what you would like me to look at so that I can know how best to proceed and prepare your chart with your needs in mind. 

45mins £75   •  60mins £90  •  90mins £130

Horary Consultation

Horary consultations require that you approach me with a burning question that is important and personal to you, at a time that the issues is at the forefront of your mind. 

A chart is created for the time that I receive and understand the question. It may be that I need to come back to you and clarify the question with you before I am clear enough to cast the chart.  

I cannot answer questions that require an ‘a’ or ‘b’ answer. For example ’Which property is best to purchase?   The house or the cottage?’. However I can answer ’Is the cottage a sound purchase?’ 

Whilst I am a certified Horary astrologer I am currently not a certified medical horary practitioner and would recommend that you approach medical horary astrologer Lee Lehman or any of her recommended graduates from her medical horary course for medical matters.

When ready, please submit your question with as much background detail as possible to 

When I have both received and understood the question and clarified any points I will cast a chart for that moment.

I will run through a checklist of factors to ensure that the chart is viable to be judged, and at that point will request payment. Once I’ve received payment I will go ahead and examine the charts symbolism and make my judgement. 

One Question £50

Gift Vouchers

An Invoking Venus Gift Voucher makes a a wonderful and unique gift for a loved one, offering them their choice of a tailored consultation with me. However, please ensure that the person you are gifting a consultation to is somebody who is open to astrology and willing and interested in self learning and development via symbolism in order to ensure that the gift is something of real value. Gift Vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of purchase.