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Electional Astrology - Presidents & Queens

Electional Astrology is the ancient practice of selecting the most astrologically fortuitous time to begin an important action.

Just as we have birth charts, so do buildings, events, relationships, premierships and journeys.

Ronald Reagan

During the 1980's, those interested in electional astrology became aware of what Ronald Reagan was likely doing. Regan was beginning and announcing particular actions at strange times of the day and night.

Nancy Reagan had quietly employed San Francisco astrologer Joan Quigly, whom she had met on a TV chat show, to select the most fortuitous time for Reagan to debate Jimmy Carter, her husband's counterpart and democratic candidate in the 1980's US presidential elections.

For that particular astrological election, Quigly decided it would be better to focus on using an election that was particularly poor for Jimmy Carter, rather than particularly great for Reagan.

After the success of the Reagan campaign, and once in-situ at the Whitehouse, Quigly didn't hear from the now First Lady again. That is, until his attempted assassination.

Nancy was quick to get in touch with Quigly, 'Could you have warned us about the shooting?'

Joan confirmed that she would indeed have been able to warn of danger at this time for her husband. From then on Nancy would ensure the astrologer worked with Reagan's schedule, and would be enraged if Whitehouse staff made any last minute changes exclaiming 'I need Joan to okay that!'. Staff grew aware that a 'Joan from San Francisco' was directing the timing of key events.

Over the years, Quigly went on to elect for the launch of Reagan's second term campaign, his inauguration, international trips, press conferences, and the signing of the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty between the US and the Soviet Union in 1987.

After Reagan's presidency came to an end details of the Reagan's employment and use of an astrologer was leaked to the press. Nancy Reagan tried to dismiss her use of astrology as simply a coping crutch after her husband's attempted assassination, even though Quigly had in fact already worked for them during Reagan's 1980 presidential campaign. Mrs Reagan and her husband, were of course ridiculed heavily in the national and international press for bringing astrology into the Whitehouse.

Queen Elizabeth I

Another example of historical magnitude would be the coronation of Queen Elizabeth I, by her astrologer John Dee. Her 45 year reign is widely considered to be one of the most successful in history, with the Cambridge University mathematician and magician working closely with the Queen for many decades.

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