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Full Moon in Cancer January 17th 2022 @ 23:48 GMT

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

All Full Moons tend to bring emotions up to the surface but when Luna is in her home sign of emotional, security and family conscious Cancer, all the more so.

With the Moon at 27° Cancer, tightly opposing Pluto at 26° Capricorn, there is a sense of an external threatening of that highly prized Cancerian security. Pluto causes volcanic eruptions from the depths, so this may be a time of emotional eruptions around the sense of family security and home (Cancer).

Power struggles may arise from people who are represented by the Capricorn house in your chart.

We will likely see events in the outside world linked to the safety and security of families and children, who are threatened by controlling and manipulating forces.

Somebody who is alleged to have violated the emotional and physical security of a child is Prince Andrew.

This Full Moon, and quite a few to come, look particularly revealing in regards to Prince Andrew, who currently has transit Pluto on his Mars/Venus conjunction in late Capricorn (his Mars/Venus conjunction denotes his sexual behaviours).

Thus the January Full Moon is shining a light from across the sky on the Prince's sexual exploits, being dredged up from the seedy underworld by Pluto.

Around the same time of this Full Moon, Uranus will also be stationing direct after a 5 month retrograde, giving increased intensity of Uranian breakthrough and somewhat volatile energy.

During this Full Moon in Cancer, we might want to think about what makes us feel secure, to look and see if those needs have shifted over time. Have we unwittingly been building up walls and defences for many years, based on past events that no longer threaten us?


Perhaps there is a need to take care of our physical and emotional security more if we have been neglecting our boundaries and not honouring our own power.

Pluto is power and how we use it. Sometimes we can be scared of our own power as we're not quite sure what that apparently dark and dangerous rumble within us might be.

It can feel like an adverse and unknown part of ourselves that we'd rather not poke around in. Instead we suppress it within us and subconsciously project it out onto an external situations or persons which then become a far bigger threat than they really are. It's a well trodden path of classic story lines in modern day fiction from Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, The Never Ending Story to Harry Potter. The perceived darkness the protaganist suppresses within themselves and projects out, is really their own power when discovered and transformed.

Do we feel a healthy sense of personal power within us or do we feel overly vulnerable to outside predators and scuttle around in a shell? Perhaps we mistake our power for a need to control and manipulate, which is of course based in fear, not in power. An opposition in astrology asks us to meet in the middle. To find our sense of power and take care of our security and self care needs in a balanced way so that we are neither acting with reckless abandon nor barricading ourselves behind our projected fears.

Till next time,



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3 commentaires

Happy New Year John!

Thank you for your kind words.

I share your interest in the Capricorn/Cancer axis too as a Cancer Rising. We have had an interesting run of transits and whilst I am grateful for all of the lessons, I am welcoming the shifts taking place this year.

Wow, so you are going through a period of huge Plutonic transformation.

I certainly wouldn't recommend losing sleep for anything.

You've been experiencing similar energies to this Full Moon but in a much longer and more thorough way for the past several years. The energy of the Cancer Moon will intensify things, but at this stage for you, these are energies that you will be well acclimated to.

Pluto crossing…

John's Astrology
John's Astrology
10 janv. 2022
En réponse à

Definitely, you made it sound like more exciting than daunting! Truly thank you for your comment <3


John's Astrology
John's Astrology
09 janv. 2022

Hi Heather, happy new year! Thank you for this beautiful and mind-opening post. I am always very partial to any article about Capricorn-Cancer axis (anything important happened in my life, it happened either in January or in July). My Ascending is in Capricorn with 25.44 degrees. As you mentioned in your article, Pluto will be in Capricorn with 26 degrees, during this Full Moon. Should I already start losing sleep for this, or play all the lotteries in the World? I am a bit torn between these two ideas.🙂

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