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Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn December 2022 'A Venusian Twist'

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn 29/12/22 - 18/1/23

Mercury is turning retrograde at 24°21' Capricorn, at 09:31am on Thursday 29th December GMT. He will retrace his steps until he reaches 8° Capricorn, where he turns direct on Wednesday 18th January 2023.

Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn Image


At the time of writing on Wednesday December 28th, Mercury has slowed to a grinding halt, and is hovering stationary in the sky ready to turn backwards tomorrow morning.

Venus will be right behind Mercury in the same degree of Capricorn when he begins to move backwards through the zodiac, right into a reserved and respectful Capricornian kiss with Venus.

The Chart for the beginning of Mercury Retrograde @ 09:31 GMT, Dec 29 2022. Cambridge, UK

Mercury Conjunct Venus Thursday 29th December 2022

Mercury and Venus will meet for their exact conjunction just a few hours after Mercury turns retrograde at 13:54.

The conjunction of Mercury and Venus brings serious (Capricorn) but potentially loving communications (Mercury) that are aimed at finding peace and harmony (Venus). If there has been a separation there may be the talk of renewed commitment (Capricorn).

However with Mercury now retrograde, take things slowly, and wait until after the retrograde before actually committing to anything!


Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign, ruled by slow and serious Saturn.

Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) are initiatory signs, they like to get things going and don't hesitate to take action.

The great advantage Capricorn possesses is its work ethos of slow and steady wins the race. Not only can it initiate and take the lead, but it has the stamina to see things through.

Capricorns famous consistency and perseverance takes Capricorn to the summit, it can just take a little time to get there.

In this way, Capricorn can achieve levels of mastery in their chosen field.

As an Saturnian earth sign there is a grounded reliable nature with a natural propensity to the practical, strongly valuing thorough work and a job well done.

Earth signs are sensual, appreciating the tangible realms of the five senses above all else. They are especially interested in tradition and that which is old, drawn to antiques, vintage clothing, and ancient methods of living.

Structure and strong foundations are key to Capricorn. It's more than happy to follow strict rules and adhere to an unforgiving regimen.

Capricorn doesn't expect to get something for nothing, or without having to prove itself over the longterm. In fact the steadfast goat will likely be suspicious of something that can be gained without enjoying a great amount of blood, sweat and tears and a good dose of restriction and harsh conditions upon the long and arduous path towards its reward. Capricorn wants to work for it.

Capricorn values tradition over innovation, and is far more comfortable using methods that have stood the test of time rather than taking risks. Capricorn is somewhat conservative in its behaviour, possessing excellent self discipline.

Mercury in Capricorn

When Mercury, planet of logic, thinking, and communication is situated in the sign of Capricorn, he's going to pursue his goals, using the qualities of that sign.

Mercury in Capricorn is a great asset for methodical, practical, structured thinking, revelling in strategy and time tested techniques to steadily tick off its consistent achievements.

Mercury in Capricorn speaks carefully, concisely and with charismatic authority.

They sound wise and commanding, and when young, appear older than their years due to their mature tone of voice. They're steady and serious, sometimes sombre or melancholic, as well as often being known for a very dry, dead-pan and sometimes dark, macabre delivery and humour. These are the kinds of voices that seem to always accompanied by the mischievous twinkle in wise, all knowing eyes.

Alan Watts, Anthony Hopkins, Rowan Atkinson, Maggie Smith, Michelle Obama, Vanessa Redgrave

Some examples of famous people born with Mercury in Capricorn;

Alan Watts, Rowad Atkinson, Nicholas Cage, Denzil Washington, Anthony Hopkins, Paolo Nutini, Maggie Smith, Vanessa Redgrave, Annie Lennox, Michelle Obama, David Bowie

Venus Conjunct Pluto - January 1st 2023

Following Venus's conjunction with Mercury on December 29th, she will quickly move on to meet Pluto at 27° Capricorn on New Years Day, the effects of which will also be very much felt during the tight application on New Years Eve. This should add some intensity to your celebrations! Just be safe walking home.

I previously wrote on the expressions of Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn last December which saw Venus meet with Pluto just before turning retrograde herself, with three conjunctions in total.

I'll link that article here if you would like to get more of a flavour of Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn.

Mercury Retrograde & The Venusian Twist!!!

When a Mercury retrograde begins with a conjunction to another planet, we expect that planet to have some influence over the following three weeks. Our current Mercury Retrograde therefore takes on a Venusian twist with her influence becoming intertwined with regular Mercury retrograde significations.

This means delayed decisions, network glitches, social media/messaging apps crashes, internet/email issues and all of the usual Mercury Retrograde jazz are thrown a Venusian curveball.

We know that retrogrades of the faster moving planets such as Mercury often bring people back from our past, often to tie up loose ends where something has been left unresolved. This can be siblings, younger people, neighbours, all significations of Mercury. When a Mercury retrograde occurs in your 5th or 7th houses this can often indicate a lover or old flame returning as these are relationship houses.

When Venus herself is involved in the retrograde, it gives a far more pronounced possibility that the three week retrograde period indicates a lover returning, or perhaps a new lover, that is somehow connected to your past.

Venus also indicate sisters and female friends as well as representing romantic connections.

A Fascinating 2019 Mercury Retrograde conjunct Venus Story

Let's take a look at a very interesting previous example of how this same configuration played out.

On October 31st 2019, Mercury turned retrograde at 27°38 Scorpio, whilst in a conjunction with Goddess of Love, Venus. setting the stage for a Venus infused three week retrograde.

Less than a week later on November 6th and early on November 7th, well over 100,000 American mobile phone network users received texts that had been mysteriously stuck in the system for some time.

This isn’t too surprising for a Mercury retrograde and is just the kind of scenario astrologers anticipate with glitches in communication technologies, and with this particular case, having an element of the past now returning.

So where does Venus fit into this Mercury Retrograde scenario? Well, those texts that were now arriving on hundreds of thousands of peoples phones in early November 2019, had all been sent on February 14th 2019. Yep, Valentine’s Day!!!

Naturally many of these texts were messages of love. Some had been sent following a Valentine’s date, some had been sent to explain that they couldn’t make the date, and many were simply to say ‘I love you’. With nearly 9 months having past, there were many cases where people were now dating new partners, and in a number of cases the texts were received from someone who had since passed away. More happily for some, the texts proved to be a welcome opportunity to reconnect and reignite the relationship.

Read more about it here:

Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn & The Royal Family

Harry & Meghan

Image: Harry Windsor & Meghan Markle

Back to December 2022 and the Venus kissed Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn, a sign associated with top down institutions of power such as the British Royal Family.

Over the next three weeks I suspect the abuse of Meghan Markle and her husband ‘Haz’ to be an ongoing unfolding. Harry's book 'Spare' is an attempt to put the story straight in light of the insidious attacks from the British tabloid press. A Capricorn rising himself he is experiencing the retrograde in his first house of self, appearance, and image.

This theme of a setting the royal story straight, and exposing Plutonic abuse including misogyny, carries echoes from last December during Venus Retrograde in Capricorn.

The BBC drama A Very British Scandal aired on Boxing Day 2021 (Venus conjunct Pluto), re-telling the story of the Duchess of Argyll, who was publicly 'slut shamed' (Venus/Pluto) in the 1960s over her liberated sexuality. The drama intended to retell The Duchess's story, shedding modern light on the levels of misogyny and cruelty she faced for her open sexuality. The Duchess Margaret had Venus in Capricorn herself, naturally.

I very much hope that Meghan's transits of Jupiter through her 10th house, trining her Leo placements, will serve to ease the damage from the intensely abusive, violent and misogynistic comments that were published in a particularly odious tabloid rag by a particularly odious man. Mars in Gemini is of course still retrograde and in her twelfth house of those working at cross purposes to us. With Mars in Gemini we have attacking (Mars) words (Gemini).

Horoscopes for Each Ascendant Sign

The overarching theme for all signs is all about assessing 'Is this fit for the long term?'. This isn't a time for cutting corners and opting fo quick fixes. Is what you're re-assessing, rethinking or repairing built on solid strong foundations? Is it fit for purpose and going to help you achieve your goals? Or does it need scrapping and replacing with something that is up to the job?

Another Mercury Retrograde activity we can all share in - the joy of the tax return! (Apart from Pisces and Leo who will leave it until Jan 31st)

Capricorn Rising

Reflection and potential reassessment of how you present to the world via your appearance, image and mannerisms. Expect new profile pictures showing off a new wardrobe or style, and updated personal biographies. You might even find yourself learning how to lower your voice in order to ramp up your natural authority through your voice. You're pushing the boundaries with how full on Cap you can go, just don't do anything permanent at his time like getting a permanent tattoo, definitely opt for a temporary mock up.

Sagittarius Rising

A reevaluation of finances with the possibility of some money coming through from an artistic project, or for a past action involving women. You're thinking about how to improve your finances over the longer term and looking to omit any unnecessary expenses.

Scorpio Rising

Time to check your cars over and top up air & fluids etc. You can expect to hear from siblings, especially sisters. A time to go back over your own written projects for some editing. Phones and laptops may come up for renewal, so if you've been putting off replacing 'unfit for purpose' tech, you may have a mishap that forces the replacement.

Libra Rising

Family issues might surface at this time and a reassessing of the situation needed. There can also be a reassessing of ones own home and property, and if there are any urges to move, they will become clearer at this time. Repairs to the home or any real estate are possible too. You might discover long lost relatives or find out previously unknown information on your ancestors.

Virgo Rising

You’re likely to hear from those you’ve previously dated - take it very slowly and trust your gut instincts. You can also meet a new romantic interest that somehow has links to your past. A great time for revisiting your creative projects.

Leo Rising

Work and health niggles might return to be drawn a line under. Perhaps you’ve been putting a non enticing project off at home or work, or a trip to the GP is overdue. Time to get that sorted. It's time to reassess your daily routine in order to serve you best going forward. Something there needs restructuring or rethinking.

Cancer Rising

Ex partners and business partners are reappearing to have their final word. If they reach out to you to restart anything, take the next 3 weeks slowly and gather as much information as possibly and pay attention to your instincts. A sister or female friend can also feature. You can also meet a new partner at this time that somehow has links to your past.

Gemini Rising

Loans, taxes, insurance policies, benefits, maintenance payments are all up for review. Get your paperwork in order and triple check everything, ready to move forward in three weeks. You might have to deal with the loss of a female in your life, or a crisis surrounding them.

Taurus Rising

You are reassessing your higher education activities, and pausing to reflect on where you are at with your beliefs. You're feeling like you need to get clear on your philosophy before building upon your ethos and career.

Aries Rising

Career and Public Reputation is up for a reevaluation! You’re reflecting on what you’re putting out into the world and busy with any tinkering and reworking new career ventures. Editing any website, professional biography etc is also favourable at this time also.

Pisces Rising

You’re hearing from old friends, female ones most likely, and reassessing where you’re at with groups and association that you’re involved with. It’s also a time to check in with your hopes and dreams for the future.

Aquarius Rising

You're in for a treat as Mercury retrograde in the twelfth should bring fantastic dreams. Grab a dream journal and make the most of it. In the twelfth house you might be reviewing any vices or bad habits that are sabotaging your well being and progress.

And that just about wraps up this piece! I hope that your retrograde proves as practical and useful as is promised. Let me know how your retrograde goes in the comments and keep your eyes and ears peeled for crazy Venuss Mercury Retrograde manifestations around you.

I am aiming to produce a 2023 Forecast for you soon, to share the exciting big shifts and highlights ahead for all of us.

If I don’t reach you before midnight on the 31st, then I want to thank my readers, subscribers and wonderful inspiring clients for your presence and support in 2022 .

I wish each and every one of you a ridiculously Happy New Year!!

Heather ✨


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December 2022 'Winter Solstice'

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