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New Moon in Scorpio - 4/11/2021

Updated: Jan 7

With the Sun now already over a third of the way through Scorpio, the New Moon occurs at 12° Scorpio, exactly opposing chief disrupter and rebel Uranus @ 12° Taurus.

This is another peak disruptive point in the ongoing square between Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius. Every time the personal planets Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars transit the fixed signs, they are strongly triggering the square by conjunction, square or opposition.

This New Moon marks the beginning of a period of frustration and breakthrough, though it may be sudden, shocking and disruptive breakthrough. This New Moon, opposite Uranus is setting the stage for Mars strong in his home sign of strategic Scorpio, making his way to square off against Saturn before making the opposition to Uranus. This will no doubt be an eventful time of high tension events boiling with frustration before Uranus comes in to release the pressure with a bang. Peak points are the 4th, 10th, and 16th-18th of November.

Watch out for sudden shocking events, major weather disruption, natural disasters and earthquakes being a classic signature of Uranus transiting Taurus. Aviation accidents, sudden attacks, electrical disruption, explosions are always of a higher likelihood during confirmations involving Uranus, Saturn and Mars.

Those with planets at 12° of the fixed signs, Leo, Scorpio, Taurus and Aquarius can expect events that force breakthrough where stagnation and inertia have set in. The fixed signs have been feeling the brunt of the ongoing Saturn Uranus square and are dealing with the fact that something has to give. Fixed signs are best known for their reluctance of change. This New Moon period is a key point in acceptance of the changes ahead. With these configurations it's always a good idea to take extra care with electrics and apply vigilant health and safety practices at home, work and on the road. Taking the time to burn off internal frustrations by whatever methods suit you, whether it be meditation, yoga, music or walking the dog in the park, it goes a long way to preventing unwanted mishaps.

Uranus's purpose is to shake things up with sudden injections of change, sometimes positive, possibly in the form of new insights, that expand one's consciousness. However, with the aspect of an opposition, there is usually a tenser manifestation, with oppositions often playing out through conflict with another person. Regardless, it's a New Moon, and a new beginning in our Scorpio house. Whether it's a disruptive bolt of chaos, or a welcome shake up, the cobwebs will be swept away, and many will ultimately left with a sense of liberation.

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