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Pluto, Mars & Power

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Power, obsession, subversion, will power, manipulation, physical, domestic abuse, sexuality and emotional intensity. Mafia, cartels, extortion, criminality, murder, the taboo, immense riches, death & rebirth, transformation, anything which resides under the earth, the underworld. These are just some of the keywords and themes of Pluto that are intensified when in aspect to God of War Mars.

Pluto is the Modern ruler of Scorpio and Mars the traditional ruler of Scorpio. Neither are strangers to the dark side. Pluto was named after Hades, Greek God of the Underworld.

Pluto in the birthchart is about how we use and experience our power. Mars is how we go about getting what we want. A hard aspect between the two indicates disharmony between these two functions and can lead to intense power struggles and aggressive, violent encounters. Manipulative and subversive tactics in relationships like stalking can occur stemming from desire to dominate and own. This can manifest as others action towards us. In a female chart difficult Mars Pluto can commonly be seen where domestic violence is experienced.

Those with Pluto Mars in the birth chart will have a depth of character that when worked with constructively, can leave the person as indestructible as a mortal can be. There is immense drive, that can sometimes translate into ruthlessness. Mars is action, Pluto adds deep intent.

I can't recall which astrologer mused that those with Mars Pluto aspects would be the only humans left with the cockroaches in a nuclear style obliteration. Obliteration itself is a Plutonian theme.

Pluto marks non negotiable events of all out obliteration, irradiating anything unnecessary in order to be left with fertile soil for something pure to emerge.

Do we own our power in a healthy way or do we use manipulative tactics to get what we want? Are we repeatedly the subject of abuse or underhand ploys from others? Then Pluto is calling us to take get to know our power, and reclaim it. Pluto represents the shadow, and rules depth psychology. Those things in us which we suppress through shame, arise in the form of others.

Pluto asks us to bring that which we have buried in the dark, into the light for transformation.

When working well with these energies we can harness our focus and will power to achieve and overcome the seemingly impossible, developing an inner strength of steel without hardening ourselves from love and intimacy. In fact freeing us to love deeper than ever. Pluto is intense and passionate, magnetic and beautiful and reaches up and through us from the deepest depths of our soul, offering riches from the darkness.

For a planet that has been demoted by Nasa to a planetoid, Pluto sure packs a punch in transits, natal and mundane astrology.

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