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The Astrology of the Titanic

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Just as astrologers elect the best times for their client's upcoming important ventures to take place, we can also see from past 'event charts' how that particular story unfolded.

I will be looking at the symbolism in the chart and story of beautiful passenger ship Titanic, who set sail on her maiden voyage from Southampton at 12:00 on April 10th 1912, headed for New York.

Leo ruling the ascendant describes the ship well. Luxurious and grand. Opulent and regal. Ruler of Leo, the Sun, is strongly placed on the midheaven, the highest point of the chart, denoting fame and public notoriety. Strongly placed in Aries, the Sun is in a sign where he has power. Aries is known for it's desire to move fast. It's a sprinter, not a marathon runner and very concerned with blazing in first. We know from the many records that the ship was pushed faster than planned in order to make dazzling international headlines by arriving in New York a day earlier than expected.

The strength and position of the Sun are so far promising, until we look any further.

The Moon is of considerable concern. She is in an unfortunate position and in Capricorn, a sign the Moon does not favour. Worse still she is 'Void of Course', meaning she makes no further aspects with any other planet before leaving the sign. As the term suggests, the intended outcome does not come to fruition. There is a separating and conflictual 90 degree square from the Moon to retrograde Mercury, ruler of communication, communications technology and logical thinking. From this we can ascertain that communications on this trip will be a problem. The position of the Moon alone would be a considerable indicator that the journey would not complete or go to plan, so an extra layer of worry comes in when we see the Moon heading to a conjunction with Uranus, known for sudden and unexpected disruption and severing.

The Sun however is our main significator for the ship itself. It's tense square with Neptune, God of the Sea, placed in the unfortunate 12th house sent a shiver down my back when I first saw it.

Neptune is the planet of dissolution. delusions and illusions. Seductive flowing mirages, glamour and self deception are the realm of this mysterious planet. Very much the 'rose tinted glasses' effect, Neptune creates visual and psychological distortion, and denial.

With the regal Sun in a square aspect to deceptive Neptune, we see delusions of grandeur among all that worked on Titanic. Even her celebrated captain claimed that she was unsinkable.

This Neptunian symbolism played a huge and crucial role in the tragic events as we will discover.

Nearby ship 'Californian' stood still within close proximity to Titanic at the time of her demise. Californian's captain had decided to stay in place for the night, after finding his ship surrounded by a vast sheet of ice. They sent ice warnings and their location to Titanic. They knew she was nearby and the only other ship in the area to have a radio. The inquiry heard that these radio messages and warnings weren't made with the usual opening code that would alert the Titanic operator to their importance, and therefore not taken as seriously.

Crucially, when Californian saw distress flares from a nearby ship, their captain decided this could not possibly be the Titanic as it appeared far smaller than they knew the liner to be. He noted the low height of the flares coming from the ship and deduced it must be a much smaller vessel, and even that perhaps the flares were not distress signals at all.

In their apparent Neptunian haze they figured that this seemingly smaller boat must be around 4 or 5 nautical miles away, rather than the huge Titanic, 10 nautical miles away. As the captain had concluded that it couldn't be the Titanic from his visual observation, he also concluded there was no point in sending radio messages to this ship as only Titanic had a radio, and of course this wasn't Titanic.

The Californian decided to send light signals back to the unknown ship which was believed to be within a distance that would pick them up. The ship did not respond, and thus the captain decided the ship was not in any danger at all. Here we see much of the Neptunian symbolism playing out through distorted visions and deceptive circular thinking.

Interestingly a book was published by Tim Maltin, on the unusual atmospheric conditions in the time around the Titanic's sinking, named 'Titanic - A Very Deceiving Night'. A Neptunian title if ever there was one. Though this is not a book about astrology. The title is taken from the captain of the Californian who stated to the inquiry that 'I was positive it was not the Titanic. It was a very deceiving night.'

"Tim Maltin has shown that there was a strong superior-mirage display in the ice-field where Titanic sank, using both archival weather records and the logs of numerous ships in the area. The mirage and related refraction phenomena, such as looming, contributed to the confusion at the time of the accident. In particular, he has established that the crews of the Titanic and Californian saw each other's signals, but were unable to interpret them because of atmospheric effects acting in the unexpectedly large distance between the two ships."

Dr Andrew T. Young - Atmospheric refraction expert, San Diego State University

Mercury, planet of communication and related technology, was both retrograde and combust (too close to the Sun to be effective) in Aries and square to a Void of Course Moon in it's detriment. With such an afflicted Mercury, we can expect all manner of communication failures, crossed wires and delays.

The Titanic had received six warnings of ice, but yet the captain and crew failed to coordinate their approach and carried on at regrettable speed.

Within the astrological community, rumours endure that JP Morgan had a ticket for Titanic, but was warned just before departure not to board the ship by his trusted astrologer Evangeline Adams. We know that JP was a self confessed participant of astrology after his famous quote 'Millionaires don't use astrology, billionaires do'.

Regardless of the accuracy of this claim, I am confident that any astrologer with good knowledge would have advised against this ill fated journey that claimed the lives of more than 1500 souls, many of whom were children.

Like many, I have a soft spot for the romantic Hollywood depiction of events. Neptune of course rules cinema and photography. Glamorous artistic images that we willingly deceive ourselves with, seduced and lost inside the illusion, That is Neptune. Thus, I have to remain cognisant that this was a real event, with substantial loss of life and sickening injustice to the so called 'lower' classes.

I have a feeling that it's the strong Neptunian symbolism woven into Titanic's fate that has generations still to this day, captured and mesmerised with her story in a way that only Neptune can orchestrate.

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