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The Final Stretch of 2021 & A Peek at the Astrology of 2022 - Cautious Optimism from Me!

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Here in the UK in the final weeks of December 2022 we find ourselves on Winter Solstice, yet again in the grips of a new Covid variant, not knowing if we will be headed into a lockdown over the holiday period, although it is possible there will be an announcement as I write this. It’s anyone’s guess at the moment…..or is it?

The Sun has now entered 0° Capricorn marking Winter Solstice and the shortest day of the year here in the Northern Hemisphere.

Frustrations are rising as we head towards the third peak of the Saturn Uranus square on December 24th, the astrological signature which has been dominant throughout 2021.

Whilst this third square on Christmas Eve is the last exact square, both planets will be back to within one degree of squaring each other in the latter quarter of 2022, so for that reason it’s worth going over how it’s been manifesting throughout 2021 to understand that we will see echoes of this symbolism towards the end of 2022.

I’ll focus mainly for this write up on the classic 'protest' signature of Saturn square Uranus, but briefly touch upon the other manifestations seen with these two planets in their current signs.

Shortages - Uranus in Taurus brings volatility, instability and fluctuation to resources, and squaring Saturn experiences blocks, delays and shortages.

Taurus rules material resources, namely food and farming/agriculture, currency, textiles, and in general resources which satiate the senses.

Extreme weather events, earthquakes, volcanoes, tornados, electrical storms, snow storms etc.

Building collapses as Uranus breaks down weak Saturnian structures, explosions. Military tensions at borders - Saturn rules borders, Uranus wants to break through.

Power outages - Uranus rules electricity.

With Uranus transiting Taurus from 2018- 2025 he is bringing innovation and revolution to Taurean areas through technology and out of the box futuristic thinking eg - the digital currency revolution, food technology, sustainable fashion.

As disruptive Uranus transits a sign to bring about revolutionary changes, volatility, sudden shocks and fluctuations occur as his method of disrupting the status quo in order to bring in change.

As transiting Mars moved around the zodiac in 2021 he came into conjunctions, oppositions and squares with Saturn and Uranus, triggering their square intensely, bringing sudden riots, building collapses, aircraft disasters, intense weather events, explosions and power outages.

The first week of 2021 brought an event that set the scene for the year - the very moment Mars went into Taurus on January 6th 2021 to be co-present with Uranus, we had the shocking Capitol Hill riot in America.

True to astrological form we all saw the fancy dressed warrior (Mars), spear in hand, war painted face, crowned with a bull-horned head dress (Taurus). He became the poster boy for the event, splashed across the media, giving astrologers a wry chuckle. The Capitol Hill insurrection was the big 'welcome' to the main flavour of 2021, a conspiracy theory rebellion movement, with the mantra of freedom.

Saturn in Aquarius squaring Uranus in Taurus has brought the impulse for individual freedom (Uranus), manifesting in the UK and the world as protests against government ordered restrictions (Saturn) and vaccines to control the impact of Covid, namely by reducing hospitalisations that threaten the already weakened structures of national healthcare systems.

Thus, this square has been playing out with the increasing polarisation of society, with one group putting individual freedom and autonomy (Uranus) above community responsibility (Aquarius) and vice versa.

Aquarius represents society and the ideal of a society that functions somewhat like an ant colony or beehive, with everyone carrying out their roles for the greater good. With Saturn there, he is trying to bring slow and steady structure, using restriction, as Saturn so often does, as a way to achieve his aims. However, he also represents authority and has run into a 2 year long square with rebel Uranus, who tears up the rule book and has a very strong disdain for authority. And so, here we are!

Whilst the effects of this astrological configuration was in play for the whole of 2021, the three exact square dates are listed below;

Uranus square Saturn exact dates in 2021

February 17th 2021 - Peak of the first wave of international anti lockdown protests. From Feb 10th - 20th snow storms in Texas led to power outages affecting 5 million businesses and homes and shortages in food, heat and water.

June 14th 2021 Another peak wave of anti-lockdown protests. Even though there wasn’t a lockdown at the time here in the UK, protesters planned a protest for June 14th outside 10 Downing Street against restrictions, that had already been lifted. From ‘Activists denouncing COVID-19 restrictions to protest in London, UK, June 14. Increased security, disruptions likely, clashes possible’

December 24th 2021 - So far we have another wave of anti-lockdown protests including the arrest of Piers Corbyn - A Christmas Eve shock announcement or protest on the cards and a snow storm that causes more shortages than we are already experiencing and anticipating? A sudden shock event?

Jupiter goes into Pisces on Dec 28/29, it is for that reason, I don't think we will be going into a lockdown, or if it is announced, I think it likely that there will be a U-turn, or downgrade when more data arrives on the not so severe effects of Omicron.

What about 2022?

As mentioned, 2022 ends with a revisiting of the above tensions of individual freedom vs authority as Saturn and Uranus come into aspect. However, my personal perspective is that by then, and probably around April or not long after, we will reach global levels of herd immunity to the extent that one could declare the pandemic to be over, and now instead an endemic situation with a manageable virus that no longer requires the levels of restrictions we have seen since the Saturn Pluto conjunction of January 2020. It will be interesting to see then, if I am correct how the Saturn Uranus square will play out in terms of protests towards the end of the year. I am sure there will be more protests for individual freedoms but the exact cause is currently unclear.

Of course there could be new variants that threaten any post pandemic period of calm with pockets of waves, but my personal interpretation of the astrology of the next six months, is that April is the beginning of the end of Covid 19 restricting our lives, namely due to the beautiful Jupiter Neptune conjunction in Pisces on April 12th. This conjunction could also indicate a therapeutic medication that greatly contributes to vast improvements in the pandemic as Neptune rules pharmaceuticals.

My current understanding is that Omicron is less severe, not causing the cytokine storm deep in the lungs that killed so many. Omicron's increased levels of spread coupled with less severe disease look potentially to be a blessing in disguise - the magic recipe for a herd immunity that can be achieved quickly, without losing the lives of millions.

Of course, I am not a scientist or virologist, I have simply understood Omicron to be be weaker from doctors I believe are good sources of data and information using South African data and emerging European data on Omicron. We do have a different demographic here in the UK compared to SA and have vaccine immunity rather than natural immunity, but there is reason for optimism (Jupiter) with the data we do have. I do not have the expertise to say how the virus might evolve or how long that immunity might last. I can though, attempt to read the astrological symbolism and consider that whilst looking at the current, admittedly 'thin on the ground' data of where we are currently at with Omicron.

I may be falling into the Jupitarian trap of excessive optimism and overestimation, but at this stage, for the happiness of my Sagittarius Moon, it feels good to go with the idea, and strong indication of the mainly positive upcoming alignment of Jupiter/Neptune, that things are going to get better in the not too distant future. It's been a long time coming.

I have based this forecast not only on the current state of Omicron, and how the timeline of the new variant and it's spread links in with the positive alignment of Jupiter conjunct Neptune on April 12th 2022, but with the striking correlations between the astrology of April 2022 and the astrology of April 1920 when the Spanish Flu was declared as over due to herd immunity levels.

In April 1920, there was also the final hit of a triple Jupiter Neptune conjunction, which happen once every 12-14 years, with Saturn opposite Uranus exactly, and the nodes in Taurus and Scorpio. These are three similar signatures to those that we will have in April 2022.

I do have caution around this 'prediction' as Jupiter expands whatever he touches. Expansion is often subjectively experienced as positive by most people, and although Jupiter is known to be largely benevolent, he can expand things that we don't necessarily want expanding (like our waistlines when he strongly aspects our ascendant in our natal charts).

In his own sign along with Neptune, the modern ruler of Pisces, one would expect this to produce beneficial manifestations, but we do have to be cautious with these two planets as they do bring a head in the clouds theme that will likely see the emergence of cults, or a growth in dodgy spiritual ideology, whilst also bringing genuine healing, spiritual expansion, imagination, big dreams and hopes, and a fantastic artistic renaissance. We can expect iconic new artists, music and film, and a rise in virtual reality technology. This will be a great time to launch any creative projects you may have.

As Pisces is a water sign, Neptune 'God of the Sea' and Jupiter the 'Rain God' there to expand, I do think we will see some flooding on a fairly large scale in 2022. So maybe adding some drainage, ripping up the concrete and planting a few trees is a good idea this spring.

If indeed I've made an idealistic overestimation on Covid, then I can say with certainty that there will definitely be other reasons to enjoy great optimism in April 2022.

One thing though that I must mention is the American Pluto return. America is looking to have a historical year to remember in 2022 as Pluto makes its 248 year return to its natal position. We may well witness breakdown in its financial systems, or resources and a huge political storm. We know that the entire world feels the reverberations of American events so I'll be keeping a close astrological eye on that, especially around the time of the Full moon Eclipse in Taurus conjunct Uranus in November which looks particularly potent for the US.

I'll be back with more astrology in the 2022 and hopefully with the End of The Pandemic prediction still on track!

2022, whilst not perfect with that lingering Saturn Uranus square and the suspense of the American Pluto Return, does show a significant shift away from the very restrictive and harsh previous two years, allowing us a decent dance into a hopeful and expansive period, especially from late March - early May.

If you want to know how the astrology of next year will play out for your personally, then do book a consultation with me by emailing me at

Happy Solstice and warm wishes to everyone, brighter days ahead X

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