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Venus Retrograde in Capricorn December 2021

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Venus entered the sign of Capricorn on November 5th. She usually spends just under a month in each zodiacal sign, however every 18 months she slows down before turning retrograde for 40 days & 40 nights, and thus will be extending her stay in Capricorn to 4 months.

Venus, though incredibly bright just now, will now begin to diminish in brightness and disappear from view in the post sunset skies, completing her Evening Star phase, before emerging as a Morning Star later in January 2022, bringing out a feistier side of Venus, known as warrior Venus or Lucifer - the bringer of light.

Venus stations retrograde at 26° Capricorn on December 19th in conjunction with lord of the underworld Pluto.

Pluto adds a deeply intense tone to the usual implications of Venus retrograde and the two will be in exact conjunction on Christmas Day, ripe for some very intense relationship dilemmas involving control, jealousy, deceit and affairs being revealed. This conjunction will be taking close as Saturn and Uranus are square too, bringing tension and stand off. For those spending Christmas with family, lovers or friends with whom there is some ongoing rumbling discord, it could prove to be quite a scene, especially if people have had one too many mulled wines.

Over the 40 days and nights Venus is retrograde in Capricorn there will be a sharp focus on our own worth and value, looking over what is worth our investment and what isn't. Is what we have in relationships or in our homes sustainable and long lasting? There will be a desire to cut out anything which doesn't have the necessary solidity to stand the test of time.

Venus represents beauty, love, harmony, money, pleasure, balance, creativity, and connection. In Capricorn, she is looking for pleasure and harmony through the Capricornian lens of structure, solidity, responsibility, longevity, quality and value. With Pluto in the mix we may well realise that our circumstances are transforming whether we like it or not. Those in relationships of any kind that have had their time will be coming to an end.

In the media, expect to see the relationship scandals making headlines through this Plutonic Venus retrograde. In Capricorn watch out for Venusian/Plutonic scandals from institutions or figures of authority (Capricorn) - Royals - Leaders - Bankers - CEO's etc. Venus rules money too, and Pluto scandal and crime so money laundering and other types of financial fraud are likely to be exposed.

With Ghislaine Maxwell due to stand trial we couldn't have a more Pluto/Venus in Capricorn theme - the alleged abuse of status (Pluto/Capricorn) in order to manipulate (Pluto) underage girls into sexual acts (Venus/Pluto).

Catalytic events often occur during a Venus retrograde that bring prominent calls for social justice, as we observed during the last Venus retrograde with the murder of George Floyd and the subsequent rise of Black Lives Matter. Venus is about harmony and equality across all of society, not just in one on one relationships.

Just as Mercury retrograde urges us to retrace our steps over existing Mercurial topics, and to expect delays and mishaps on Mercury topics, Venus retrogrades do the same in regards to the affairs of Venus. Polish off those 're' words!

Some key dos and don'ts, and what to watch for with this Plutonic tinted Venus retrograde

• Lovers & friends, or artistic collaborators from the past returning - reunions (ex partners especially likely for Virgo & Cancer risings who are having this transit in the 5th and 7th house respectively)

• Focussing on what you value, and what holds long term worth • Transformation/endings of relationships • Power struggles in relationships

• Imposing rules and boundaries in relationships and financial dealings • Obsessions with or from others & non-reciprocal feelings • Reconsidering personal boundaries • Financial revision • Secrets and scandals revealed in love & money - affairs uncovered • Not the time for permanent cosmetic treatments - avoid beauty procedures that are not easily reversible (I will never forget my friends failed hairdo from last Venus Rx in Gemini, I don't mean to sound mean, but it really was the funniest thing ever, and he agreed) • Wait until Venus is direct before taking new, or rekindled relationships to serious levels of commitment

• Refining what it is you love to do, wear, eat, listen to and desire

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