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Horary Astrology - A Question of Time

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Horary, meaning 'of the hour' has been around since at least the 8th century, though it is likely to have been in use several centuries prior. Used by many including Kings and Queens, Horary was able to answer specific questions, based on the time the astrologer received the question.

Someone with a burning question, known as the 'querent' contacts the astrologer when the matter is occupying their psyche and feeling most pressing.

Upon receiving the question, the astrologer may confirm with the querent that they fully understand the question and upon that moment, cast a chart of the current heavens.

This chart then acts as a window into the situation of the querent. Planets become significators for the people, objects and projects involved. The way they are placed and interacting with each other show us the past, present and future scenarios, often with incredible insight into the broader situation.

Let's take a super simplified example. Say, somebody's cat has gone missing. They have looked everywhere with no success. The matter has become pressing. They ask an astrologer where the cat is and if they will be reunited. A chart is cast by the astrologer for that specific moment.

Let's suppose the chart has Gemini rising on the ascendant. Mercury, ruler of Gemini, becomes the significator for the querent, that is, Mercury is describing the querent by way of it's position, sign and aspects in the chart. We consider the Moon very closely and any recent aspects it has made to other planets, which should describe the events leading up to the current situation well.

To explore the current situation of the cat, we look to the ruler of the 6th house which rules pets, and where it is placed in the chart. In the case of Gemini rising, the 6th house would likely be Scorpio, so we would be looking at Mars to signify the cat, as Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio.

We would be looking to see, among other things, an interaction, that is, an upcoming aspect between Mercury and Mars, the owner and their cat. If they were about to come into a major aspect with each other, say a harmonious and 'easy' 120 degree trine, we would be confident that the cat will return or show up without too much effort on the owners part. The applying aspect symbolises the actual coming together of the owner and their furry friend.

We always hope for a positive chart, but unfortunately this is not always the case. Therefore it is necessary when asking a horary, to be prepared for a negative outcome within the chart.

Whilst Horary is able to answer all manner of well formed sincere questions, for ethical and personal reasons we decline to answer matters of health and death and always urge you to seek professional medical advice with your GP. If you have minor ailments and are in regular consultation with a registered medical professional and still feel you would like a chart looking at, we may be able to refer you to an astrologer whom is an expert in medical astrology.

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