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The Astrology of Johnny Depp & Amber Heard - A Look at the Commencement Chart for the Virginia Trial

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

A-List Hollywood film star Johnny Depp sued ex wife actress Amber Heard for defamation.

Johnny claims that an Op-Ed piece Amber wrote for the Washington Post in Dec 2018, untruthfully implies that he committed acts of domestic violence, including sexual violence against her.

The article went on to describe the issues women face in speaking out against powerful men in powerful positions and positioned Amber as an activist and global representative of abused women with a less prominent voice. Johnny believes the piece cost him his acting career.

Amber Heard is countersuing for defamation and harassment. At the time of writing, the Op-Ed piece is still currently available in it's original form at

The court case begins when the party who brings the case makes their opening statements. Ben Chew, Depp's Lawyer began opening statements at 10:03 on April 12th in Fairfax Virginia at the exact Jupiter Neptune conjunction in Pisces, which commands from the top of the chart in the 10th house of public perception, reputation and career.

Jupiter Neptune Conjunction in Pisces

Jupiter the traditional ruler of Pisces rules court cases, truth, and that which is big, far reaching and expansive. Success, opulence and excess.

Neptune the modern ruler of Pisces rules Hollywood, cinematography, actors, glamour, distortion/deception, drugs and alcohol, escapism, victim/saviour consciousness, dissolution and a lack of boundaries.

Neptune is the trident weilding mythological God of the Sea and our collective unconscious.

Amber Heard recently shot Aquaman 2 where she reclaims her role as mermaid Mera alongside God of the Sea 'Aquaman' complete with his trident. Yes, the astrology is that blatant. Amber fears her scenes may be cut from the film if she loses, and feels they were already much smaller due to the controversy surrounding the case.

Johnny Depp feels he lost out being cast in the Pirates of the Caribbean film in which he plays Captain Jack Sparrow, a drunken pirate who fights and swindles bizarre sea creatures and zombies.

So, at the exact Neptune Jupiter conjunction we have a far reaching world wide live-streamed celebrity trial of two Hollywood actors. Two of the most glamorous and opulent celebrities in the world, claiming damages for lost earnings through their respective oceanic fantasy Hollywood blockbusters.

Complete with tales of epic three day drug and alcohol binges, we heard about indulgent excess to an extreme that would surely kill a mere land lubber.

What more can you say? Astrology rules!!

Ruler 1st Mercury - Johnny Depp

We look to the first house for Johnny Depp as the plaintiff bring the case. Here is Gemini, Johnny's Sun sign, so this describes him well.

Mercury, ruler of the first house, is placed in steady Taurus in the fortuitous 11th house of freedom (in relation to a court case) and large groups and fans in a more general sense. Depp has a phenomenally large fan base as a unique and creative actor, who's career has spanned over four decades in which he has worn many different eccentric masks, of which all generations have a connection with. Mercury in the 11th points to a popular figure.

Back to the 11th as the house of freedom. Johnny is seeking his freedom from what he describes and alleges as six years of hell, living with false accusations of heinous crimes which have taken a serious toll on his, his children, and his close friends and colleagues happiness, well being and careers.

Lilith Rising

Lilith is prominently rising in the commencement chart and speaks strongly to the themes of the case.

Amber has natal Lilith and Venus conjunct Algol at 26° Taurus, a fiercely intense mix of feminine rage, oppression, and sexual power. The title of her article 'I Spoke Out Against Sexual Violence And Faced Our Cultures Wrath' is very descriptive of this archetypal trio. Depp's Venus is also here along with his Mercury. It's one hell of a cluster ........

Lilith has older connotations of the seductive home wrecker, luring away husbands and killing both men and babies. Eeeeeeek!! However thankfully this archetype has evolved somewhat in recent decades to paint a slightly less scary figure, at least on the surface.

Quote below taken from Leanna Hall's article Lilith: Born to Kill Children & Men: The Resurrection of Lilith at

'Lilith has become a modern-day feminist icon for three main reasons: she’s independent, she fights the patriarchy and she owns her sexuality. In 1972, Judith Plaskow, a theologian, helped this interpretation reach the cultural elevation it has today by writing a parable titled The Coming of Lilith. Rather than Plaskow portraying Lilith as a child-snatching, man-eating entity, she sought to tell Lilith’s side of the story: “Lilith simply didn’t want to be bossed around by Adam, who she saw as her equal, and because she had the courage to walk away, she was slandered in her absence.” The release of the story, in the midst of the era of second wave feminism, certainly helped to change attitudes towards the figure of Lilith. Some of the ideas Plaskow draws upon in her parable still resonate today, for instance: challenging gender stereotypes, bodily integrity and individualism.'

Amber Heard identifies as the Lilith style feminist activist described above as seen in her article and in multiple ways shown throughout the trial. It seems clear from the evidence, especially her own audio recordings, that the darker side of her natal Venus, Lilith and Algol cluster are indeed manifest, present, disowned and projected onto others. Conversely she takes ownership of the positive sides of these powerful archetypes, as presented to the public. I could happily get very deep into the natal charts of Depp and Heard, but I may have to save that for another day. Back to the matter at hand!

Ruler of Sagittarius 7th House - Jupiter - Amber Heard

Sagittarius describes a fiery and vibrant fun loving defendant with an excessive nature.

Jupiter rules the 7th cusp and is in the 10th house of 'outcome' in a court case. Jupiter is dignified in Pisces and placed in the angular 10th house. This in itself is an excellent testimony for success, but Jupiter is conjunct distorting and deceitful Neptune. Here we see the symbolism of the public perception, whom overwhelmingly find her accusations unbelievable thanks to the increasingly notorious audio recordings where she admits to hitting Johnny and being an instigator of physical violence. In the two years since the UK case more and more of Amber Heard's own evidence has been circulating online where people have found it to not match her accusations. Jupiter squares 1st and 7th cusps, indicating she is hurting her own case by overdoing it and overselling her testimony against Johnny. This could also indicate Justice is served on both of them, and there isn't one outright winner.

Ruler of the 10th - the Judge

Ruler of the 10th in the 10th, in its own sign is an excellent testimony for an adept and upstanding Judge who can commandeer an effective and fair trial. Judge Penney has been widely praised for her handling of the case. I for one thought she maintained a wonderful balance of kindness, authority, fairness and quite remarkable time management - time management not usually being something I associate with Pisces :)

Venus and Mars straddle the MC, whilst Juno, asteroid of marriage is besieged between a rock and a hard place - Mars and Saturn. This stellium gives the event chart the clear theme of a painful marriage brought to into the public arena. With the midheaven in Pisces we see the collective experience of the case, and how this permeates far beyond the confines of this one case. With Venus there we see a codependent relationship, lacking boundaries.

Sun as a general significator for truth is exalted in Aries, in the 11th house of freedom and sextiles a 9th house dignified Saturn, a positive sign for justice via good legal practice.

The Moon - The Jury

To the most important piece of this puzzle, the jury.

The jury (always ruled by the Moon in court cases) are ultimately the fact finders tasked with returning a verdict in this case and so applying aspects from the Moon to either Mercury/JD or Jupiter/AH are going to be of huge importance.

We find the Moon at 29° of Leo conjunct Regulus, favouring the 'King' and most famous figure in the case - Johnny. We could also interpret this as a Jury who are honourable and noble, and heading into Virgo are able to analyse the evidence with critical detail. The Moon is trining Mercury - JD. The trine aspect gains mutual reception upon Moon's ingress into Virgo. Moon is exalted in Taurus, and Mercury is exalted and in rulership in Virgo.

We can now see very clearly that the jury strongly find favour with Johnny Depp.

Additionally and worth noting, the jury were selected the day before opening statements on 11th April when Mercury was in the exaltation degree of the Moon at 3° Taurus of the Moon, another strong signal of the jury's favour.

Amber's angularity and dignity cannot be overlooked completely, she is in the house of success, which indicates that this might not be a sweeping of the board for Johnny Depp. The jury clearly favour him and his 11th house indicates freedom. I believe the jury will give a ruling that gives Johnny Depp the nod, and vindication he seeks whilst not being an outright winner of all of the individual claims.

The law is on Amber's side in that it is very difficult to meet the strict and considerable standard to win a defamation case. Amber and her lawyers would have to do a very bad job in court and Johnny would have to pull of an incredible feat to win all 6 claims. In this way the law favours Amber. She has the advantage coming into the case. A lot like a planet in its own house, although if nothing is aspecting you apart from Neptune - there's a problem, and that advantage will dissolve. I believe Johnny gets the important claim, the one that exonerates him from the claim that he was physically and sexually abusive to Amber, just enough of a nod from the jury to make him come out as the perceived winner, whilst Amber Heard is unlikely to leave with nothing when her significator is strongly placed.

Johnny finds freedom whilst Amber will be left with a lingering Neptunian cloud of mistrust.

I expect the verdict to come in when Mercury goes direct around June 2nd - 3rd or later.

Updated - Verdict came in 1st June, before Mercury went direct (worrying), in favour of Johnny Depp. They found that the evidence did not support the accusations of abuse against her. Amber Heard won one of her three claims of defamation.

Please note: Prediction originally posted on May 31st on twitter, facebook and instagram and re-edited early June 1st for website format. Mercury retrograde issues mean publishing was late and after verdict returned. Original prediction with May 31st time stamp can be found on my socials;

twitter, fb and insta linked at top corner of page.

Just to avoid any Neptunian confusion and defamatory allegations :)

Thanks for reading folks,


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