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Astrology Workshops & Events

New workshops at Positively Magickal in Ely for 2024. More dates to be added soon! 

Psychological Astrology Workshop @ Positively Magickal, Ely

Saturday 29th June 2024 10:30am - 4:30pm

Positively Magickal: 3 High Street Passage, Ely CB7 4NB

Book in the shop, or email Heather:

£65 Full Day (£20 Deposit Required)

Please note: The workshop is held above the shop, an old Tudor building and is accessed by a narrow and fairly steep staircase. There are plenty of eateries, shops and delis nearby to purchase lunch, and plenty of picturesque strolls nearby including Ely Cathedral. Tea, Coffee and baked treats will be provided.  

Join us for a full day of fun, interactive astrology that looks at the fascinating branch of astrology known as psychological astrology. Introducing the symbols of the birth-chart within the context of Jung's archetypal theory, this class promises to offer deep insight into your chart and thus your self. We will work with your own charts and also look at the charts of celebrities to further illuminate the manifestation of planetary symbolism through human expression. 

You also have plenty of opportunity to have all your astrology and chart questions answered. 

Suitable for beginners to more advanced students or practitioners of astrology. 

Having an accurate birth-time is going to make this class much more rewarding, and enable much more accurate forecasting, although if you don't have it, there is still a certain amount that can be done with just the day and location of your birth. 

Astrology Talks, AstroMagic Workshop & Live Music Performance!

Greenoaks Gathering (Pagan Event with Workshops, Music and Celebration)

Mad Hatter's Campsite Ely, April 19th - 21st 2024 


All Bookings and Enquiries, Email: 

Payment via PayPal @invokingvenus

More online events, festival talks and workshops to be added soon. Please subscribe here to make sure you don't miss out on event news!

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