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Venus in Pisces - No Ordinary Love

Updated: May 9, 2023

Goddess of Love, Beauty and Music, Venus now finds herself swimming in the oceanic depths of Pisces, and she loves it.

Venus is exalted in the sign of Pisces, meaning that outside of her two home signs of Taurus and Libra, she is revered and raised up in Pisces, like a guest of honour in a sign that she has much affinity with.

If well positioned and aspected, and in a nocturnal chart, then we can expect to see the very best of what Venus has to offer.

This is a soft, compassionate and connecting Venus, brimming with sparkling gifts of fluid, lyrical art, musical talent, poetry, fantasia cinematography and photography.

There is a stunning ethereal beautyVenus when placed in a prominent house in aspect to the ascendant. Michelle Pfeiffer being an example.

Pisces yearns to merge, to let go and release into something greater than themselves. After the adventure and evolution of the previous 11 signs, here in Pisces we are ready to sacrifice our separate selves and melt back into the numinous, whether that be through sleep and the dream state, meditation, yoga, deep relaxation, creative flow states, drugs, or enlightenment.

Venus in Pisces, Venus in the 12th house, and Venus in aspect to Neptune (the modern ruler of Pisces) are seeking an all encompassing divine love. A love that transcends all.

Whilst spiritual and divine feeling love is certainly found here and is as beautiful as we might imagine, it comes with a few warnings, increasing in intensity along with the presence of challenging aspects and positions. The first thing I would be looking for in a chart with Venus in Pisces would be indicators elsewhere in the chart for autonomy and the ability to form healthy boundaries.

We might find hidden private love affairs including emotional, non-physical affairs. This is the place where you find the two people that feel a strong connection but could never get together for one reason or another, always out of reach.

Venus in Pisces is longing to offer so much of herself, that it may be too much to ask of just one person to receive and contain what feels like a burdensome and overwhelming weight. Venus in Pisces has the talent to channel their natural creative gifts, compassion and the call to sacrifice through an alternative channel that can safely accommodate such giving of self.

In a more difficult position, prehaps with harsher conditions in a day chart, there's the potential to see self-deception when it comes to love affairs. Venus in Pisces is known for it's rose tinted glasses. She sees the beauty in everyone, and in a chart that lacks potential for boundaries and good self esteem, they are prone to be most drawn to those who may cause them the most problems.

Whenever there are Neptunian undertones in relationships there is the risk of not seeing the other person for who they really are, putting them on a pedestal and being distraught when the illusion fades. The Venus in Pisces person might want to act out a saviour role so often associated with Pisces.

Often times I have seen Venus in Pisces in the 7th house of relationships, or Neptune in the 7th house where then native is attracted to artistic or seemingly spiritual free spirited types, the glamorous musician or the drifting poet that has a hidden drug problem. Even if the addiction is known about the Venus in Pisces person will gloss over that or see it as an opportunity to step into saviour role.

The love feels all consuming and must be a higher love. We might hear the Neptunian call of 'We're twin flames'. Further down the road, sometimes taking a long time to reach ,when the fairy tale mirage disperses or the other person repeatedly falls off of the unrealistic pedestal they were placed upon, Venus in Pisces has to deal with the uncomfortable realisations that their ethereal love was little more than a codependency. The saviour has now become a victim who never had that all giving love returned. Venus in Pisces is vulnerable without boundaries and must become aware of this tendency to idealise those who can shatter their tender hearts.

Music, art, creative writing, cinematography and photography are some of the areas where they can create work that truly touches peoples souls, whilst connected to something beyond themselves through the process. Artists with strong Pisces and Neptune are those that consciously tap into the greater mind, acting as a conduit and channel for creative expression that resonates with the collective on a primordial level.

Caring roles such as nursing or therapists are seen too with strong Pisces, and they may choose to work with those who are in isolation or cut off and unseen, such as those in prison, rehab or psychiatric institutions.

As always, much depends on the rest of the chart and viewing the chart as a whole. There may be multiple factors that give Venus in Pisces more solidity and less vulnerability to the above scenarios.

Singer songwriter Sade, with Venus square to Neptune in her birth chart and her classic ‘No Ordinary Love’ perfectly evokes the romantic yearnings of Venus in Pisces, complete with underwater Piscean mermaid pining for a tail-less lover from beyond her own world. With all of her sultry soothing music, she not only exudes Neptune Venus, but is an artist who can strongly affect that planetary dopamine relaxation on her listeners.

Upcoming Venus Transit

Venus and Jupiter are known as the two benefics, the planets that bring us the subjective good stuff. You know, the usual abundance, gifts, beauty, creativity, harmony, friends, generosity and love that we would all welcome into our lives.

Whilst Venus is exaltation ruler of Pisces, Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces and is currently conjunct the modern ruler of Pisces, Neptune, all in Pisces! This gives us three 'pleasant' planets all strong in dignity. Later in the month the trio will be together in the third decan of Pisces, just as the Moon travels through and ‘translates light’ between them. This configuration, although fairly short lived, won’t be repeated in our lifetimes and I’m hopeful, it is an opportunity for more peace, compassion and unity to be expressed.

If ever there was ever an astrological configuration that could offer some much needed peace, Venus, Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces would be it.

For those looking for an exact time to take full advantage of this precious celestial alignment, 04:27 BST on April 27th has Pisces rising, with Moon applying to Venus, Jupiter and Neptune, all rising on the Ascendant - fantastic for anyone wanting to submit or publish a creative project, launch a creative business or website, post a letter, start a YouTube channel, send an email or message, photo/video shoot, record a song, begin a journey etc etc etc. I admit it's super early, but worth utilising!

In the mean time, watch out for news stories on the ocean, stories of sacrifice, compassion and lots of fantastic new art, music and film. I read a story yesterday that seemed to combine all three - a story about a musician/guitarist on a sinking ocean liner who saved many people in a Piscean act of selflessness. Funny that the story arose now, as the event happened back in the 1990's.

Enjoy the Goddess at her dreamiest depths, and maybe a Sade candle lit bath!


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John's Astrology
John's Astrology
Apr 11, 2022

🙏 💐


John's Astrology
John's Astrology
Apr 10, 2022

Hi Heather,

What a beautiful post, and I don’t know where to begin! As a Piscean person, whose 4 planets are in Pisces (the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Chiron), I have read so many articles/posts about Pisces. But, your post put the meaning of Piscean aspect on a different perspective, in a very uplifting, high-spirited, congenial way. This is probably the nicest article I have ever read in recent years. (As an example, I am more accustomed to read about similar to Kurt Cobain’s – who was an archetype of a Piscean – life struggles etc. I had no idea that he was a living human “Hubble Telescope”, who was able to read the emotions of people around him).


Replying to

Hey John,

Lovely to hear from you and thank you!

Wow so you are really feeling the transits in so many areas from what I remember. I hope that you are feeling fine with Jupiter transiting all of those planets.

The story about the Pope's apology is very interesting, thank you for sharing and great to hear that at last there is progress and yes, truth and reconciliation is certainly the flavour of the aspect.

Dear Kurt Cobain, like millions of 90's teenagers I loved Nirvana (the ultimate Piscean band name) and will never forget the moment I heard the news. I admit to having a recent binge on his interviews whilst absorbing his chart. Maybe one day I'll add…

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