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Welcome to Invoking Venus where we combine the wisdom of traditional astrology with a modern approach for empowered living.

Astrology is a profound yet practical tool. We are passionate about providing our clients with astrological insight for making informed choices and taking conscious action. 

We provide a range of tailored services including natal consultations for self development, electional consultations for enhanced timing, and horary consultations for question and answer based astrology.



Horary Astrology is the ancient practice of answering a pertinent and burning question that is important and personal to you, the 'querent'.

A chart is cast for the precise moment that the astrologer receives and understands the question. It is read in accordance with traditional principles as exemplified in English astrologer William Lilly's extensive and comprehensive 17th century texts. Often, illuminating surrounding details can be shown by the chart as well as the general yes or no to the question. 

Common horary questions include, but are by no means limited to:

Should I buy this property?

Will this venture be successful for me?

Where is my passport?

Will my rapport with my boss improve or should I quit?

Will I meet a romantic partner soon?

Should I sell the house now?

Should I take the job offer?

Will I win the court case?

Before requesting a horary judgement, please read our horary guidelines.



Electional Astrology is the ancient practice of intentionally beginning important actions at astrologically fortuitous times in order for them to be as successful as possible. Just as we have birth charts, so do buildings, relationships, businesses, institutions, leaderships and even cities.

We can elect the best possible exact time for you to begin those potentially life defining moments such as


Business Launches

House Building

Proposals & Applications

Moving House

Legal processes

Important Trips & Journeys


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