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Astrology is the profound language of an archetypal, fractal patterning Universe.

This operating system of geometry is reflected to us through the dance of the planets

in our solar system, synchronistically correlating not only with world events and the

collective consciousness, but the events, themes and focus in our individual inner and

outer worlds. 

Astrology offers us deep understanding into who we are on an individual level, whilst 

showing our connection to the whole. 

Not only does it gift us with the richest opportunity for self discovery, it also a remarkably

practical tool allowing us to direct our lives in harmony with the astrological weather of any 

given period.


I approach astrology with the upmost respect and awe. My goal is to help clients gain meaningful insight into their

lives and life rhythms, supporting empowered and embodied living. All of my consultations are fully guided by you

and your specific needs. 


Whilst much of my learning has been through self study, I am a qualified Horary Astrology Practitioner, receiving my certification from the internationally acclaimed School of Traditional Astrology (STA), tutored by world leading award winning astrologers and authors, Deborah Houlding and Dr Lee Lehman​

I have also studied with the fabulous award winning astrologer Frank Clifford at his London School of Astrology (LSA).

I love to keep learning (Jupiter 3rd house) so my studies and research are continual. With astrology being so infinitely vast it certainly offers the opportunity for several lifetimes of study. 

I specialise in Natal, Horary, Electional, Forecasting and Relationship Astrology.

My background prior and to being an astrologer is artistic. I'm a singer-songwriter and produce original music having performed across the UK at hundreds of music venues and festivals. 


For information and prices on the different types of Astrological Consultations I offer, please go to the 

Book a Consultation page. I am now offering 1:1 tuition for those wishing to learn astrology in a relaxed and fun way.

I am currently working on updating content for the website, so please do get in touch if you have any questions. 

Thank you for visiting & I hope to work with you in the future!

Heather McVey, Astrologer

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