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Heather McVey

MA Cultural Astronomy & Astrology UWTSD Student


Astrology is the profound language of an archetypal, fractal 'patterning' Universe.

The dance of the planets in our solar system, mirror an intricate and multi-faceted 

unfolding of our inner and outer worlds.

Offering us deep understanding into who we are on an individual level, whilst 

showing our connection to the whole, astrology not only gifts us with the richest

opportunity for self discovery, it is also an incredibly practical tool allowing us to

harness the astrological weather of any given period.

I approach astrology with the upmost respect and awe. My goal is to help clients

and students gain meaningful insight into their lives and life rhythms, supporting

empowering self knowledge and integration of all our parts.

I utilise an array of techniques, available from the classic texts of the Hellenistic, Medieval, Renaissance and

Modern period, combining practical traditional techniques with modern psychological astrology. I offer tailored 1-1

consultations, workshops, event talks, online New Moon Zooms and soon to come online courses. 

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You can also follow me on instagram and facebook for on-the-fly astro meanderings and musings! 

I look forward to exploring with you soon.

Heather enjoys a combination of self-study and academic structured learning. She is currently pursuing a postgraduate 

certificate and MA in Cultural Astronomy & Astrology programme at University of Wales Trinity St.David (UWTSD).

Heather holds the Practitioner's Certificate in Horary Astrology from the School of Traditional Astrology (STA), 

and is an ongoing student and member of The Faculty of Astrological Studies (FAS).

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